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What We’re All About

What we do:
Far more than a DJ who only plays music, our performers here at Sound Decision coordinate every aspect of your wedding, from your ceremony through to your reception, to give you the wedding you have always dreamed of and make memories that will last you lifetime.
We are your Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey and Event Coordinator, all in one. Nothing is overlooked, everything runs smoothly and there are no surprises on the “big day.”
All we ask of you is to be in the moment and enjoy that wonderful time with your family and friends.

Your greatest fear:
Let’s address your one of biggest fears and get it out of the way: You will not have a cheesy, Vegas lounge singer for a DJ.
No two wedding couples we work with have the same tastes; each wedding is different from the next…but having Adam Sandler from the “Wedding Singer” at their wedding seems to be a common fear that most couples have. At Sound Decision Entertainment Services, we provide you with a tasteful and elegant atmosphere for you, your family and friends to enjoy and make it fun at the same time. Our goal that day is to give you not just a fantastic wedding, but more importantly, we work together with you to give you the wedding you want, not the wedding we think you should have.

So, here it is, the real question…

What makes us different from all the other Disc Jockey companies out there… why hire us?

Three reasons:

1. How you heard about us:
You found us by way of a friend, a wedding professional or a wedding facility.
We have no advertising. We do not attend bridal shows or have marketing of any kind. All our clients are referred to us by word of mouth. The person who told you about us has seen our work and feels very confident that we will do an exceptional job at your wedding. We’re not really listed with any search engines, but if you indeed found us by a search on the web, lucky you…and us!

2. Our experience:
Sound Decision Entertainment Services has been performing at weddings for over 20 years. We have worked almost everywhere and seen every little “wrinkle” that can possibly happen at a wedding (we also have some really great stories!). This level of experience gives us the ability to smoothly deal with any situation that might arise; ensuring you truly have the perfect day.

3. We are a small company:
Because 100% of our business is generated by weddings we perform at and by word of mouth, we can’t afford just a “good” wedding; each must be exceptional. One comment we are consistently hearing from guests at the end of our receptions is “that was the best wedding that we’ve ever been to”…and that is exactly what your friends & family will be saying to you.

With all that said, ultimately, how you choose your DJ will come down to one thing: do you like him?
Usually, in the first 10 minutes of speaking with a DJ, you will know if he’s right for you.
That being said…call us!
Not only do we think you’ll like us (and probably want to go on a vacation with us), but we can start working together today, planning what promises to be one of the most wonderful, magical & memorable days in your life.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Remember, when your wedding has to be perfect, make a…Sound Decision.


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